Tony copper needles and steel body
  • Tony copper needles and steel body
  • Tony copper needles and steel body
  • Tony copper needles and steel body

OFFERTA - Aghi Tony in rame e corpo in acciaio

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Tony needles with copper handle and without guide tube: Handle of moderate hardness; good thermal conductivity and solidity; with tail, excellent for moxibustion and manipulation techniques

individually packaged in heat-sealed blisters; made of surgical stainless steel with grass-tipped tip for even easier insertion.

Sterilised with EOG

100 pieces/box

Expiry date: 02/2024

For purchases over 20 boxes extra 5% discount


It is the needle that has stood the test of extensive clinical use, whose reputation has spread over time from the most famous Chinese doctors to all physicians in various parts of the world who want to work with the most reliable instruments. 

The Hwato needle enables a puncture performance that promotes therapeutic effectiveness. Perfectly smooth and with a 'grass-like' tip, it allows for smooth and painless insertion. Very strong but also adequately flexible, it glides inside the tissue without causing micro-lesions. The handle has a special structure that facilitates manipulation techniques, enabling rapid induction of the characteristic pricking sensation.

Pack of 100 needles.


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