About us

The mission of Fitochina Italia is to offer the offer of traditional Chinese medicine products of guaranteed quality and proven efficacy, carefully selected among the most qualified producers.

The safety of high level production standards, the reliability demonstrated by the wide use of these products for a very long time, the awarding of recognitions and approvals by Chinese and western institutions such as the FDA of the USA and the European Union, represent the preferential criteria with which the products offered by Fitochina Italia are selected.

Fitochina Italia's activity stems from cooperation with the Acupuncture Institute of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing , the most prestigious institution in China and worldwide for the study and research of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, and with Suzhou Hwato Medical Instruments Co. Ltd., a Sino-foreign joint venture with a manufacturing experience of over 140 years in the field of needles, which currently coordinates an acupuncture research center and a physico-chemical testing center on needle structure with the aim of promoting the application of modern technological acquisitions to the traditional experience of Chinese medicine.