Payment methods

Here are the different payment options: 

    • PayPal : it is one of the safest online payment systems and allows any company or consumer who has an email address to send and receive payments. By registering for free, you can open your account which allows you to make payments using your email and password. You can associate a credit card to your account (up to a maximum of eight), or a prepaid card, or you can top up your bank account without charge.

    • Credit Card:  Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard.

    • Bank transfer : as soon as payment is received, the goods will be delivered through the delivery method chosen at the time of the order. To speed up the operation, we advise you to communicate the bank transfer CRO number (transaction registration code). 

    • Cash on delivery: With an additional charge of € .7.00, we give you the opportunity to pay by bank / cashier's check made out to Fitochina Italia Srl or in cash (up to € .999.99) that you will deliver directly to the courier that we have pre-authorized to receive payments. .

 NB For orders over € 100.00 + VAT, no transport costs will be charged.